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With all the added stresses to our lives these days, it's important to be able to disconnect from all of it. Meditation is a good way to open and expand your mind, to allow you to let go of the stress. The misconception that meditation clears the mind to relax, has been passed along for years. That is why, many say they can not meditate. My classes explain what meditation is, how you can use it in your life and how to use it correctly. Give me a call and let's set up a private session or, you can join me for group classes on Thursday evenings at Sacred Spaces Holistic Center.

Wedding Bands


Its always a beautiful day when there is a wedding. What makes it even more special, is when its designed just for the happy couple. As an Ordained Minister, I can do that for you. The traditional wedding ceremony is beautiful in its own right. But, one that is created by you and me for that special day is sometimes just what you need to set the mood. Let me help you design the perfect ceremony.


Spiritual Awakenings

When things seem to be at a standstill and you feel stuck. Nothing you do seems to help you get through it or past it. But you don't know what's causing it. Chances are, you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and you are trying to hard to figure it out. Spiritual awakenings happen constantly throughout the day, if we aren't taking the time to experience them, they just pass us by. Let me guide you through this part of your journey and help you recognize what you are not seeing.